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Representing leading suppliers from Europe & USA to meet the needs of Iraq’s industrial growth

  • Sauer compressor in Iraq

    Representing leading suppliers from Europe & USA to meet the needs of Iraq's industrial growth

  • Sauer Compressors in Iraq
  • Industrial boiler in Iraq
  • Plant machinery maintenance in Iraq

Atlas Technical Group

The highest standard of representation for your industrial products in Iraq

Iraq presents industry with some unique challenges in terms of its market for technical products. Our company was established to meet the need for a high level of representation in Iraq’s varied culture, climate and geography, as foreign companies begin to understand the potential markets that exist there.

Iraq will emerge as a powerhouse in the oil and gas sector over the next decade, and regain a level of prosperity for its people that has not been seen in two decades. All sectors of the economy will benefit, and its trend to  political stability will underpin growth which will eclipse that of its oil producing neighbours.

Our company will be proud if we can claim in a decade that we assisted in this transition, to bring back high levels of oil production, water treatment, fresh water distribution, industrial and agricultural productivity, safety and standard of living to the country.

In our website you can find details of the sectors we specialise in, and the types of products we supply and service.

If you are interested in distributing in Iraq please contact Jeremy Waller at or call +44 7780 661 958.